My noise-free framework for learning from the smartest people

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Noise-Free, Thinker Based Consumption Framework

Struggling to find a long-term strategy to consume useful books and podcasts online without getting lost. Try focussing on the people you follow rather than any individual piece of content. After randomly reading everything I stumbled upon, I  realized that it's the people and thinkers that our consumption decisions should revolve around — not the content itself.

After all, you are the average of the "idea wealth" of the five thinkers you follow. (quote from Naval Ravikant - Joe Rogan Podcast)

Everybody has different things they want to accomplish by reading. I found mine articulated well by Ryan Holiday on his website. (check out his reading list here)

"My whole life and career, I’ve been seeking out, reading, and taking notes on books that can teach me things. How to live. How to learn. How to find happiness. How to understand the past. How to prepare for the future. How to succeed. How to manage relationships. How to be a good person.I used to go around and ask every smart person I met—even emailing important people I didn’t know— “What books do you recommend to a kid like me?”

If your goal is anything similar, I would definitely recommend trying out the above framework. Consuming short content (podcasts + online videos) and books, I have realized that most people who I feel "really get it" have the most interesting ideas on a wide variety of disciplines — articulated through different mediums. Yuval Noah Harari might have written Sapiens to give us an insight into how humanity has evolved, but he might give you practical tips on how to best educate yourself on a Tim Ferris Podcast. Similarly, there is so much you can learn from Naval's tweets and podcasts that go beyond his book. Don't get me wrong, you might not learn or agree with everything someone who you greatly admire says — but it's the best way to learn about yourself and improve your decision-making at the same time!

The "Lazy" Econ consumption framework tips:

  1. If you're talking to someone who's even mildly interested in the same things as you, talk to them about what they are reading or watching. Then go check out the book reviews and short description — feel like it's not interesting, chuck it! It has to be a hell-yeah. Don't worry there is a lot to consume.
  2. If you love a particular piece of content. Follow the author's podcasts, interviews, Twitter, and website! The best advice and the latest thoughts usually come from there.
  3. Don't get lost in the noise. Isolate the people that matter and focus on them.

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People I recommend you start with:

  1. Yuval Noah Harari
  2. Naval Ravikant
  3. Morgan Housel
  4. Richard Thaler
  5. Ryan Holiday
  6. Derek Silvers
  7. Tim Ferris
  8. Joe Rogan
  9. Daniel Kahneman
  10. MKBHD (yes he's great!)
  11. Matthew Walker

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Aryan Khanna

Aryan Khanna